The Benefits of A Life of Learning

I have always been inquisitive, wanting to know the "why" behind everything. This has definitely taken me down some rabbit holes by times, but for the most part had given me an empathy and understanding of the natural world and individuals around me. As your mind separates the items it deems important from the chaff of unnecessary information, you begin to build a mind library of what interests you most. You see the world through the lens you've created and blend information with your own understanding to create something unique.

I love an idea that wakes me up in the morning with excitement for what the day may hold, when time passes without conscious awareness as you're deep in the flow.

I have given myself over for the last two months to this process, and the dance of asking questions and seeking knowledge. Through reading, online courses, social media engagement and assimilating the work of others, an expansion has happened within my own mind.

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