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I have always been drawn to the natural world.  I remember being a small child in my grandfather’s extensive vegetable and berry garden, happily eating sun warmed strawberries and watching the activity of the earthworms. The single minded purpose of insects, the unspoken communication of animals and the exuberance of growing things, all hold a fascination for me. I knew that finding my authentic place would be in the country. 


The story of Coin Perdu cut flower, lavender and horse farm began in 2010, with the purchase of a five acre parcel of rolling Okanagan hillside overlooking a stunning view of the lake and vineyards of Naramata.

Over the next few years, horses, chickens, dogs and cats joined our children and ourselves as we endeavoured to figure out this new life.  


We took the next steps in developing the dream in the spring of 2018. Inspired by the countryside of Provence with fields of purple and perfumed breezes, we planted our first 600 lavender plants of Grosso, Hidcote and Mustead.

We grow six varieties of lavender that bloom at various times, providing us with colorful flowers through the season.  

At the same time, we planted several beds of beautiful heirloom style flowers for cutting. Our goal is to share the beauty and joy flowers bring in enriching everyday life.  Dahlia's have become our superstar and we have many beautiful varieties.

We are committed to the growth of the farm into a unique agro-tourism experience.

As we continue to build on our vision, we hope you enjoy watching us grow and regularly check here to see what’s happening on the farm.

Thanks for stopping by,


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